Nikolaos Laliotis, M.Ch. Ortho.

  • Assistant Professor of Orthopedics – Children’s Orthopedics AUTH. He was elected in 2009 with 24 positive votes and 1 abstention out of 25 electors.
  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Head of the Pediatric Orthopedic Department since the establishment of the Trans-Balkan Medical Center of Thessaloniki
  • Master of Orthopedic Surgery – University of Liverpool England. The second Greek Orthopedic surgeon to be awarded this distinction (1992).
  • Doctoral thesis with “Excellent” (1999) at the School of Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Postgraduate studies in Pediatric Orthopedics with a NATO scholarship (1990-93). Curator, University Orthopedic Clinic, ALDER HEY LIVERPOOL Children’s Hospital, England.
Νικόλαος Α. Λαλιώτης Παιδορθοπαιδικός

Participation in scientific books:

  • Book of PEDIATRICS, chapter “Bone diseases in childhood”.
  • Participation in the book METABOLIC diseases, chapter “Metabolic diseases in childhood”.

Award as the best paper in conferences:

  • Application of the Ilizarov system, in stiff recurrent clubfoot, in children (OTEMATH, 1997)
  • “Concentric circles, a new ultrasound finding in the diagnosis of infantile hip dysplasia” (OTEMATH, 2005)
  • “Finite elements in the imaging of SS” (Hellenic Society of Bone Metabolism, 2000)

Orthopedic surgeon at the ELEPAP Foundation in Thessaloniki (1996-2008).

Speaker at conferences:

  • Since 1994, he participates EVERY YEAR, as an invited speaker at the EECHOT, OTEMATH Department of Children’s Orthopedics conferences
  • Invited speaker at 5 PANHELLENIC pediatric conferences
  • Participation as a speaker in 25 INTERNATIONAL conferences

He was president:

  • Hellenic Society of Surgical Orthopedic Traumatology
  • Department of Pediatric Orthopedics (2009-2011) of the Hellenic Society of Surgical Orthopedic Traumatology
  • Orthopedic Society of Macedonia Thrace 2017

Foreign Languages:

  • English excellent
  • French excellent
  • German good

Member of Scientific Societies:

  • Hellenic Orthopedic Society of Surgical Orthopedic Traumatology
  • Orthopedic Society of Northern Greece
  • EMMO
  • Pediatric Orthopedic Society of EECHOT
  • Akros podos company of EECHOT


Medical University of Thessaloniki

Military service as a reserve medical officer. Surgical intern at the military hospital of Drama..

Orthopedics Resident, “Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital, Athens General Hospital.

Obtaining title: Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon.

Specialty in Pediatric Orthopedics. Curator, University Orthopedic Clinic, ALDER HEY LIVERPOOL Children’s Hospital, England.

Obtaining an M.Ch.Orth. title, a postgraduate M.Ch.Orth Master of Orthopedic Surgery title at the University of Liverpool England.

Doctor of the University of Thessaloniki with honors.

Field service at the General Hospital of Kavala as Curator of the Orthopedic Clinic.

Post-training at Methodist in Houston, USA, with a scholarship from EECHOT in subjects of scoliosis, gait analysis and special fabrication of total arthroplasties.

From the establishment of the Trans-Balkan Medical Center until today, he is the head of the Pediatric Orthopedic Department

Orthopedic surgeon at the Foundation for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Disabled Children of Thessaloniki (ELEPAP).

1986-1987: First Orthopedic Clinic of Children’s Hospital “A Kyriakou” Director N Veranis.

1987-1990: First Orthopedic Clinic of the Athens General Hospital. Director Prof. H. Lampiris, G. Papagiannopoulos Ph.D. During the last year I worked from 25-3-1989 to 31-7-1990 as an associate at the First Orthopedic Clinic of the “A Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital.

1987: One month training at Alder Hey Liverpool Children’s Hospital, Prof R Owen.

1988: One month training at Aarhus Hospital Denmark, Prof O Sneppen

1989: One month training at Sheffield Children’s Hospital England, Prof T Duckworth

Scientific associate at the 1st Orthopedic Clinic of the Children’s Hospital “A. Sunday”.

From 1-9-1990 to 31-12-1992 he retrained in Pediatric Orthopedics at the Orthopedic Clinic of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Liverpool, England with Prof L Klenerman.

In July 1990 he was awarded the NATO training program scholarship, for three years, to the University of Liverpool in England.

He worked as a research assistant at the University and as a registrar at Alder Hey Hospital. For a period of 8 months, he worked as a senior registrar of the Department. Alder Hey Hospital is a referral center and covers a population of over 1,000,000.

His research project at the University concerned gait analysis in children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Among his educational university duties was the teaching of the 3rd year students in the subjects of spinal diseases in children and cerebral palsy.

In the clinical work he dealt with the Orthopedic problems of children, especially with the diagnosis and treatment of spine diseases.

This included a fair number of anterior and posterior access procedures and the use of various materials.

He also particularly dealt with: Treatment of neuromuscular diseases in children, cerebral palsy, congenital diseases of the foot and ankle.
– Treatment of major problems of the young hip.
– Treatment of the full range of traumatology in children.
In December 1992 he was awarded the title of Mastership of Orthopedic Surgery (M.Ch.Orth), the second Greek to achieve the above distinction.

In October 1994, with the scholarship of EECHOT, he was trained for 3 weeks at Methodist in Houston, USA, in subjects of scoliosis, gait analysis and special construction of total arthroplasties. (Prof D Lionberg)

In 1993-1994 he worked at the Orthopedic Clinic of the General Hospital of Kavala, under the direction of Mr. V. Autzakis, serving as a qualified orthopedic surgeon during his field service. He participated in a sufficient number of scientific papers that were presented in the following years at scientific conferences.

From May 1994 he settled in Thessaloniki and collaborated with the “Agios Loukas” and “Iatriko Diabalkaniko Thessaloniki” clinics.

As a freelancer, he deals with the entire spectrum of pediatric orthopedics, from traumatology to all difficult pediatric orthopedic situations.