Diseases treated by Assistant Professor of Orthopedics, N. Laliotis and techniques he applies

Children’s Orthopedist Nikolaos Laliotis treats congenital and acquired diseases, as well as deformities, such as:

Νικόλαος Α. Λαλιώτης Παιδορθοπαιδικός


Treatment with the Ponseti technique

Dysplasia of the hip (neonatal hip dislocation)

Investigation with ultrasound control, treatment with closed or open reduction and arthrogram

Limb lengthening with the technique of distensive histogenesis (Ilizarov) and other methods

Treatment of shortening of the lower limbs and deformities in the upper and lower limbs

Brain paralysis

Treatment of spasticity with botulinum toxin injections, with upper and lower extremity tendon lengthening, tendon transfers, femoral or tibial osteotomies, arthrodesis

Musculoskeletal tumors

Benign (aneurysmal or solitary bone cysts, osteoid osteoma (ablation)) and malignant (sarcomas – radical resection & microsurgical repair)

Fractures of long bones

Coping with Flexible Insoles (ESIN)

Corrections of the axis of long bones

With temporary epiphysiodesis with a special figure 8 plate

Paralytic diseases of children

Orthopedic treatment of meningocele, myopathy, etc.